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Department Systems for Measurement, Control and Diagnosis (MRD)

The Systems for Measurement, Control and Diagnosis department analyzes, models and optimizes technical processes in manufacturing, water and energy infrastructures, robotics, automotive applications and optical inspection. 

Our capabilities in modeling, simulation and data analysis range from analytical, knowledge-based and data-driven methods to the modeling, simulation, synthesis and information fusion of sensor systems They include machine learning methods for classification, condition monitoring and causality analysis as well as web-based monitoring and data analysis platforms. We specialize in developing autonomy algorithms for mobile robots – including construction machines – in unstructured environments and for self-driving cars. Our expertise in (real-time) image and signal processing includes generating and analyzing 3D data, visual navigation and content-based image retrieval and evaluation.

In process and manufacturing engineering, we develop tools that use machine learning to monitor, control and optimize complex processes. We also develop monitoring and optimization modules for water/wastewater and energy infrastructures. In surface inspection, we research image-based techniTues such as deĠectometry, optical imaging measurement and evaluation concepts, and automated microscopy. In robotics, we focus on techniques for localization and mapping, including environment-interactive path and trajectory planning, safe physical human-robot interaction and controlling complex robotic kinematics. Applications for these technologies include inspection, logistics, security, precision farming, decontamination, and operations in hazardous environments. Our automotive focus is on developing a simulation platform for virtual test drives; we also use ground and aerial video analysis to build statistical models of road users’ behavior, and design concepts and algorithms that pave the way for autonomous and cooperative driving. 

Projects and products



Mobile robots, either land robots or inspection robots under water, are enabled to drive autonomously by algorithms of sensor fusion and control engineering.


Autonomous robot systems for hostile environments

Implementation of complex autonomy functions for mobile robots in hostile environments.



Driver assistance systems for driving more fuel-efficient and adapting to each vehicle.


Monitoring and optimization of production processes and plants

Greater efficiency and flexibility of production plants by open structure variable control and diagnosis systems.


Water 4.0 - Monitoring and operational management of water infrastructures

Management systems for drinking water.


Energy-optimized operation of buildings and district heating networks

Energy optimization for buildings.


Image-based measurement systems

Innovative sensor concepts for more efficient manufacturing facilities.

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In the open air of our test area we test how robots perceive their environment and plan movements in unstructured spaces. In the ROBDEKON laboratory we operate our indoor robots and build autonomous construction machines.


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