We develop intelligent, interactive environments and assistance systems to support analysis and diagnostic tasks

Department Human-AI Interaction

The Human-AI Interaction (formerly: Interactive Analysis and Diagnosis, IAD) department develops smart, interactive environments and assistance systems supporting in analysis and diagnosis tasks. Privacy by design approaches ensure the responsible handling of personal data. 

Our research focuses on decision support systems that enable people to act efficiently even when performing complex tasks involving large amounts of data. These systems are based on artificial intelligence (AI) methods complemented by models that explain the AI proposals. We also develop camera-based components that perceive and understand human activities so that robots and autonomous vehicles can work with humans. We research ways to support collaboration in virtual and extended realities and interaction in these working environments. And, since our work frequently involves processing personal data, our design methods ensure full compliance with data protection laws when developing new technologies.

Our assistance systems and interaction concepts are used in contexts ranging from image-based reconnaissance and surveillance to situation analysis, and from medicine to manufacturing. Our decision support systems help physicians with diagnosis and therapy, and military personnel involved in surveillance and reconnaissance. Thanks to our privacy by design approach, all technologies integrated in our solutions comply with data protection laws.

Fields of application




Digital health


IT-security and data protection




Defense and civil security

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We operate an Integrated Autonomous Driving Laboratory with a fully connected Audi A1, a polygonal 180° screen and the freely configurable and scriptable simulation software SILAB. Our Agile Innovation Factory Lab has camera-based tools that analyze human activities and support the workers. The Image Exploitation Station of the Future facilitates the integration and testing of new supporting components.



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Human-AI Interaction
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