Laser communication and directional displays

Optronics deals with the generation of light (especially laser light), its beam shaping, propagation (especially under real environmental conditions) and its conversion into electronic signals by means of sensors. These competences of the Fraunhofer IOSB also enable the application in the field of innovative communication technologies.

This includes optical free-space communication, i.e. data transmission using light without glass fibers, which we are researching for applications in the atmosphere as well as under water. A further area is light field technology, which enables a direction-dependent flow of information via special displays or is able to show a scene from different viewing angles simultaneously.

Optronic communication in the practice


Laser communication and adaptive optics

Optical free-space communication in the atmosphere and under water are two of the topics we are advancing with extensive laboratory equipment.


Light Field Technologies

We create fully adjustable light fields for applications where the image should vary depending on the position of the observer.