Projects and products

  • OCEAN2020 - Open Cooperation for European maritime awareness

    Realization of the networked martime surveillance and reconnaissance mission of the future

    The networked maritime surveillance and reconnaissance mission of the future is the focus of the European joint research project OCEAN2020. The goal is to generate a comprehensive maritime situation picture based on established as well as new technologies. Fraunhofer IOSB is contributing its expertise in the field of underwater drones and maritime situation analysis.

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  • Interactive ISR Exploitation Report (i2exrep)

    Software for the creation and processing of formalized exploitation result reports

    The interactive Java- and XML-based software "Interactive ISR Exploitation Report" is used to create and edit formalised deployment results reports. It was developed for military reconnaissance and surveillance processes, but is also suitable for use in civil environments.

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  • Bild mit Zahlen, Daten und Computern
    © Fraunhofer IOSB

    »ViSAR« is an interactive simulator for the visualisation of geometric SAR effects. The user can generate simple 3D models and combine them to complex scenes. For these scenes radar shadows, layover effects and multiple reflections from different angles of a radar sensor can be calculated and displayed.

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  • SAR Tutor

    educational software for radar image analysis

    © Pixabay

    SAR-Tutor is a learning software for radar image analysis. Basic principles of radar technology and especially of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) are learned. Interactive animations and exercises enable a sustainable training for the evaluation of airborne and satellite-based radar images.

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  • AMFIS - Reconnaissance with mobile and stationary sensors in a network

    Deployment of groups of heterogeneous sensors and mobile systems

    Complex reconnaissance and surveillance tasks often cannot be solved with stationary sensors alone or with just one mobile sensor carrier (e.g., a drone). If several mobile systems are used simultaneously in a scenario, conventional individual applications quickly reach their limits.

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  • ISR Manager Application

    Resource-optimal sensor deployment planning

    To effectively deal with the increasing complexity of today's threats, decision makers need a high degree of situational awareness. Appropriate and timely information forms the basis for this. Meeting the demand for this information requires effective and efficient use of available ISR systems.

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