MODEAS: Modular Drone Acquisition and Assistance System

Detection of different drone models
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Detection of different drone models
3D situation display
© Fraunhofer IOSB
3D situation display
Detection of drone model with payload and alerting to mobile device
© Fraunhofer IOSB
Detection of drone model with payload and alerting to mobile device

Description of the product

MODEAS is a multisensory experimental system for detection, localization, tracking and classification of approaching (mini-)drones. The system integrates robust AI-based video evaluation methods with other sensor technology (for the moment only optronics and radar). All available information flows in real time into a 2D/3D visualization application, where it is linked with context-related assistance functions. Thus are the decision-makers provided with the best possible support in assessing the situation and weighing up the defending measures.

MODEAS addresses the growing threat that the fast and increasingly powerful mini-drones, which are nowadays widely available pose, for example, to air traffic and major events.

Features / Advantages

  • Wide-range detection of flying objects with complementary sensors (optronic, radar, laser rangefinder).
  • Drone detection with high-resolution cameras at distances where the object appears only as a small dot in the image (so-called point target)
  • Subsequent localization and tracking of detections using directed cameras for AI-based destinction of drones from birds/clutter
  • Image-based AI for classification of drone type and payload.
  • Imagery-based result for identification and estimation of the drone's dangerousness
  • 3D representation of the situation within the environment model
  • 2D map visualizaion with decision-supporting information about the drone and alert function to mobile devices
  • Modular and scalable design: can be combined with additional sensors for early detection e.g. acoustics or radio frequency

Fields of application

The drone detection and classification system is suitable

  • for the mid range to short range monitoring area
  • for urban, rural or maritime environment

Direct visual contact to the drones to be detected is a prerequisite.

The system can be used for the protection of:

  • Buildings and properties, nuclear power plants, prisons
  • Sports and other major events and arenas
  • Airports/airfields and parking lots
  • Coastal regions
  • Open or built-up landscapes

Involved departments of Fraunhofer IOSB

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Project details

The MODEAS/MODEAB modular drone detection and assistance system is being developed as part of a multi-year pre-research project funded by Fraunhofer IOSB itself and conducted by the Energy, Environmental and Security Systems business unit as well as by the Defense business unit.


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