Core competence System Technologies

System Technologies ensure a holistic approach: we develop not only components and algorithms, but also complex hardware and software architectures. The resulting information technology systems support humans on the basis of sensor data, automate certain tasks and/or open new ways in human-machine interaction. In doing so, we set the highest standards in terms of interoperability, IT security and data protection/privacy.

Our departments in the area of System Technologies

Cognitive Energy Systems

The Cognitive Energy Systems Department develops innovative ICT solutions to facilitate the transition to a flexible, sustainable and cross-sectoral system based on renewable energies.

Cognitive Industrial Systems

The Cognitive Industrial Systems department develops intelligent components and processes for flexible and resource-efficient production. This includes the use of AI and machine learning to evaluate large amounts of data in production and also work on new processes for intelligent and flexible automation technology.

Digital Infrastructure

The Digital Infrastructure department researches and develops technical solutions and integrated environments for IoT (Internet of Things) applications for use in intelligent factories and intelligent cities.

Embedded Intelligent Systems

The Embedded Intelligent Systems department researches and develops intelligent solutions and systems for machines and for disinfection using UVC light.

Information Management and Production Control

The department Information Management and Production Control develops open and secure architectures, software components and solutions for information, control and test systems in application areas of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Interoperability and Assistance Systems

The department Interoperability and Assistance Systems researches and develops solutions that support people in interacting with complex information systems. In a "system of systems" approach, interoperability is of crucial importance. 

Machine Intelligence

The department Machine Intelligence researches and develops automation solutions based on artificial intelligence, providing human-machine interfaces for operation, maintenance and management in the factories of the future.

Systems for Measurement, Control and Diagnosis

The Systems for Measurement, Control and Diagnosis department analyzes, models and optimizes technical processes in manufacturing, water and energy infrastructures, robotics, automotive applications and optical inspection.

Underwater Robotics

The Underwater Robotics department conducts research in the field of remote-controlled, semi-autonomous and autonomous underwater vehicles and develops control systems and hardware components for this purpose. In this context, overall systems and components are developed for exploration, inspection and manipulation tasks in the underwater environment.