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Developing innovative vision systems including the necessary laser light sources. Making best possible use of sensors and interconnecting them. Processing and evaluating the resulting data streams. Using this data to efficiently support humans in making sound decisions, improving processes and controlling autonomous systems in an intelligent way: This complete process and value chain is our domain. It combines the core competences reflected in our name – optronics, system technologies and image exploitation to provide optimum benefits for a wide range of applications.

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Karlsruhe / 15.2.2023

"Transfer-X": Data economy for SMEs

Catena-X and similar projects are creating data ecosystems for the value chain. For the benefits to scale, however, the group of participants must not be limited to OEMs and tier 1 suppliers. Transfer-X was launched precisely in order to involve small and medium-sized enterprises: The transfer project is creating a knowledge platform that will provide easy-to-understand information and training materials on digital transformation.


Ilmenau / 1.2.2023

Energy-efficient neighborhood redevelopment

Ecological progress made economically compatible: In the major project "smood® - smart neighborhood", Fraunhofer IOSB-AST worked with many partners on the future of energetic refurbishment. This includes digitalized planning processes, novel neighborhood storage systems for electricity and heat, and intelligent control and operational management solutions. The aim is to make existing neighborhoods fit for the energy transition - and reduce tenants' costs.


Karlsruhe / 15.12.2022

Autonomous decontamination put into practice

ROBDEKON is about robots that can clean up contaminated sites as autonomously as possible and assist in the dismantling of nuclear facilities and the recovery of hazardous materials. For four years, the team has defined detailed use cases, researched technological principles, and developed demonstrators. Now, phase 2 is starting with a focus on the transfer into practice and the permanent establishment of the center.


Science journal "visIT"

Laser, Quantum Technology & Active Sensor Systems

Quantum technology will impact our lives in the 21st century more than ever before. Lasers are opening up new areas of application. This benefits active optronic sensor systems that combine lasers, optics, opto-electronic sensors, and image evaluation, thus making objects more visible and measurable for people and machines. This range of topics is in the spotlight of this visIT issue.

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