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Die frei erweiterbare, als Open-Source-Projekt angelegte Simulationsplattform hat zum Ziel, alle wesentlichen Bereiche für Automotive-Anwendungen abzudecken.
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OCTANE simulation platform

The freely extendable simulation platform, which is designed as an open source project, aims to cover all essential areas for automotive applications.

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Intelligent human-technology communication in mixed traffic

In the INITIATIVE project, AI-based communication between automated vehicles and other road users is being developed to support mixed traffic scenarios.

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Autonomer Bagger lädt Erde auf Anhänger von autonomem Traktur / Humanoider Roboter sortiert Anlagenteile
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ROBDEKON showcases state of development

The progress that robots are making in decontamination tasks is demonstrated by the ROBDEKON competence center, which is led by Fraunhofer IOSB.

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Room for innovation in production technology

Cooperation models ranging from development project to embedded scientist are possible: secure a place now in the Karlsruhe Research Factory for AI-integrated Production, which has just been completed!

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beAWARE: Integrated solutions for disaster situations

Our beAWARE software supports first aiders and authorities during environmental disasters. Heterogeneous data such as environmental data, breaking news and emergency calls are bundled on one information platform and support crisis management in time-critical decisions.

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© Mercedes-Benz AG
Beispiel für flexible, digitalisierte Produktion bei Mercedes-Benz: In Sindelfingen werden verschiedene Pkw-Typen vollflexibel auf der gleichen Linie produziert. In den TecLines wird das klassische Fließband durch Fahrerlose Transportsysteme abgelöst.

Lighthouse project SWAP

In this lighthouse project, the Fraunhofer Institutes IOF, IFF, IAIS, ILT, IML, IPM, IPA, IWS, IWU and IOSB are developing new technological concepts for the modular and self-organized production of the future. Hierarchical swarms are to work together (semi-) autonomously.

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Your career with us

Attractive research projects and close ties to industry, considerable freedom for the development of your creativity, and family-friendly conditions: You will find all this and more at Fraunhofer IOSB.

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Welcome to Fraunhofer IOSB!

Developing innovative vision systems including the necessary laser light sources. Making best possible use of sensors and interconnecting them. Processing and evaluating the resulting data streams. Using this data to efficiently support humans in making sound decisions, improving processes and controlling autonomous systems in an intelligent way: This complete process and value chain is our domain. It combines the core competences reflected in our name – optronics, system technologies and image exploitation to provide optimum benefits for a wide range of applications.

News from Fraunhofer IOSB


Karlsruhe / 1.9.2021

Activity detection inside the vehicle

Is the driver tired or even asleep? Cameras in the vehicle’s interior can already monitor this. Especially in the case of automated driving, interior cameras are important and prescribed by law. A new system developed by the Fraunhofer IOSB is the world’s first to be able to use image data to draw conclusions about the driver’s activity and analyze how quickly they would be able to take control of the vehicle.


Award / 15.7.2021

ICT Dissertation Award for Dr. Julius Pfrommer

The Cyberphysical Distributed Systems group manager at Fraunhofer IOSB Karlsruhe has won first prize in the 10,000-euro dissertation award of Fraunhofer ICT Group. In his doctoral thesis, he developed a method for production systems to organize themselves in a smart, decentralized manner. The award winner explains the topic in more detail in an interview with Fraunhofer InnoVisions magazine.


Karlsruhe / 7.6.2021

AI in manufacturing: interactive crash course

Providing manufacturing professionals and executives with a solid foundation in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML): that's the goal of a new, video-based training course. Interested parties can download and work through the interactive materials, which are designed for self-study, free of charge after registering (German only).



visIT Sensor Data and Smart City

A smart city is about much more than the digitalization of the administration or digital citizen services. It is about the ability to make "informed decisions" in a city or region based on permanently available, reliable information. The task of a city is to create an infrastructure based on sensor data so that an ecosystem of business ideas and software applications can be developed by as many participants as possible.

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