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Developing innovative vision systems including the necessary laser light sources. Making best possible use of sensors and interconnecting them. Processing and evaluating the resulting data streams. Using this data to efficiently support humans in making sound decisions, improving processes and controlling autonomous systems in an intelligent way: This complete process and value chain is our domain. It combines the core competences reflected in our name – optronics, system technologies and image exploitation to provide optimum benefits for a wide range of applications.

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Frankfurt / 2.8.2023

Manufacturing-X: A sketch of the data space

What could an open, interoperable data space for the manufacturing industries look like? A study authored by the Fraunhofer Institutes ISST, IOSB and IPA provides an impetus for the data ecosystem envisioned in the Manufacturing-X initiative, which is considered the next big step in the implementation of Industrie 4.0. The study takes into account the requirements of SMEs and their expectations of a secure and value-creating digital data economy.


Karlsruhe / 3.7.2023

Autonomous underwater and surface mapping

Surveying bodies of water is challenging. Until now, it has required special mapping vessels, much manpower, and money, and is not being carried out with the frequency and precision that will be required for, e. g., future autonomous shipping. Our team has developed an easy-to-operate, unmanned watercraft that autonomously surveys rivers, lakes, and harbors above and below the surface and produces 3D maps.


Ettlingen / 5.4.2023

Measuring the wing shape in midair

Aircraft can be made more fuel-efficient with AeroSHARK sharkskin technology. To attach the coating optimally, flow simulations are required that take into account the actual shape of the wing during flight. Measuring these is a particular challenge - and a specialty of Fraunhofer IOSB, as demonstrated in a successful measurement flight by Lufthansa Technik.


Science journal "visIT"

Explainable AI in practical use

AI can support people in numerous ways, for example in the optimization of industrial production processes, in car driving or in the selection of therapy options. Traceability and transparency are important here, not least to strengthen trust in AI results. Fraunhofer IOSB is therefore not only developing AI solutions for many areas of application, but also the associated explanatory models. 

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