Projects and products of ILT department

  • SWAP – heterogeneous, workload-optimised robot teams and production architectures

    Hierarchical swarms working together (semi-)autonomously: As part of the SWAP lighthouse project, ten Fraunhofer Institutes are developing new technological concepts for the modular and self-organized production of the future.

    In the Fraunhofer SWAP lighthouse project, ten Fraunhofer institutes are developing technological concepts for the modular and self-organised production of the future, which will no longer be controlled centrally but decentrally - all the way to hierarchical swarms whose participants work together collaboratively and (partially) autonomously.

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  • In the Fraunhofer ML4P lead project, several Fraunhofer Institutes are pooling their application experience and machine learning skills to develop solutions for industry. The aim is to develop a tool-supported process model that paves the way for flexible, fast-learning machines and systems.

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  • Waste4Future: Turning waste into green molecules for chemistry

    Fraunhofer lighthouse project develops holistic approach to plastic recycling

    Keeping carbon in the cycle, and thus avoiding plastic waste and emissions: That is the goal of the “Waste4Future” project. Several Fraunhofer institutes and facilities IMWS, IZFP, IWKS, IOSB, FHR, LBF and IVV are pooling their competences to develop an entropy-based assessment model for carbon-containing waste streams and new technologies for sensing, sorting and mechanical and chemical recycling.

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  • © Fraunhofer IOSB

    The "Competence Centre for AI Engineering CC-KING" offers companies concrete support in the use of methods of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). It researches the basics and develops tools for a low-threshold implementation of AI and ML in business practice.

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  • KERES – Protection of cultural property

    Protecting cultural assets from extreme climate events and increasing resilience

    Simulation eines historischen Gebäudes an einer Küste in Zeiten des Klimawandels
    © Fraunhofer IBP

    Simulation of a historical building in times of climate change.

    The KERES project aims to contribute to finding answers to the following questions: What security risks arise from extreme weather events that are increasing in both frequency and magnitude? And: What adaptation strategies need to be developed for Germany?

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  • AutoInspect: Inspection of complex objects – multisensory, modular, continuously digitized

    Technical infrastructure and digital twin for quality inspection and comprehensive evaluation

    © Fraunhofer IOSB

    “AutoInspect” is a system for continuous object assessment (in real time) by multimodal inspection along the production cycle. Both a direct reaction to the results and their long-term observation are possible. The system is supported by a digital quality twin with open I4.0 standards.

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