Core competence Image Exploitation

Image Exploitation explores procedures and algorithms to extract information – and ultimately relevant insights – from images.

Our departments in the field of image exploitation


Human-AI Interaction

The department Human-AI Interaction develops intelligent, interactive environments and assistance systems to support analysis and diagnostic tasks. Privacy by design" approaches ensure the responsible handling of personal data.


Object Recognition

The department Object Recognition develops and evaluates algorithms for automatic object detection and object tracking in sensor networks. The department´s activities range from the evaluation of video streams in the infrared and visual spectral band and the analysis of laser sensor data to the description of a three-dimensional, dynamic environment via multi-sensory data acquisition and automatic alerting in case of specifically defined occurrences.


Scene Analysis

The research of the Scene Analysis Department aims at satisfying the need for rapid interpretation in the fields of reconnaissance, surveillance and reconnaissance with precise georeference.


Video Exploitation Systems

The department Video Exploitation Systems works on the automatic evaluation of signals from imaging sensors (mainly visual-optical and infrared sensors) in complex, often non-cooperative scenarios.


Variable Image Acquisition and Processing

This research group develops methods and systems for automated visual inspection that make use of different types of heterogeneous information.