Signature evaluation

BRDF system
© Fraunhofer IOSB, indigo
BRDF system
HORUS sonic with sensor technology
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HORUS sonic with sensor technology
Visual representation of a neurophysiological element for image evaluation
Visual representation of a neurophysiological element for image evaluation

The signature evaluation group works in the field of optical signature management for civil and military objects, systems and persons.

This field of work includes the modification of existing optical signatures or the production of new camouflage devices and the multispectral measurement of signatures in the VIS to LWIR.

With appropriate cameras or detectors on different carrier platforms, analyses of the measurement data are performed under different operating conditions, such as environmental or weather conditions, for the purpose of evaluating measures using image processing algorithms and observer experiments.

Examples from the field of experimental activities are the construction and characterization of prototypes for adaptive camouflage, a light field generator and the measurement of solar reflections on surfaces.

In the field of image processing we use common as well as proprietary algorithms to evaluate the conspicuity and camouflage performance of objects and textures in natural environments as well as under controlled conditions.

Observer experiments are organized and carried out by us with the help of a self-developed software, which is constantly improved, to evaluate camouflage performance on the basis of actual observers.



  • Status analysis and concept development,
  • Modeling and simulation of optical effects, e.g. reflections, light field,
  • Prototype construction,
  • Measurement in environmental simulation laboratory and BRDF laboratory,
  • Measurement of the reflectance of surfaces from VIS to LWIR range,
  • Measurement of the spatial reflection and emission behavior with BRDF goniometer,
  • Light sources: artificial sun, broadband emitters, laser VIS to LWIR,
  • Sensors (VIS to LWIR): detectors, cameras, spectrometers,
  • Measurement campaigns: multispectral sensor technology on the ground, e.g. measurement vehicle and airborne e.g. drones
  • Conspicuity and camouflage evaluation and numerical analysis using image processing algorithms,
    • Software package ALOPEX, AI/neural networks/deep learning
  • Organization, execution and evaluation of observer experiments,
    • Software package CARPET

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