Digital Health

We support medical and nursing staff with intuitive, stable assistance systems. Whether it is fall detection for patients, mobile assistance robots in nursing, digital support in the operating room, or the valuable data integration and evaluation of heterogeneous patient data – we support doctors and hospital staff with digital tools.

Our competences for your project

  • Data protection in our systems when dealing with sensitive medical data
  • Bundling and analysis of heterogeneous patient data
  • Use of AI-based Image Exploitation for early detection of diseases
  • Assistance robots and systems in nursing and in the operating room
  • Digital support in finding the optimal, individualized therapy option

Our projects and products in the area of digital health



The context-sensitive assistant for the operating room supports the surgical team discreetly and unobtrusively during surgery without disrupting procedures.



“ASARob” is an attention-sensitive assistance robot that interactively supports humans in home and medical environments. 



All of a patient's health-related information is bundled in this holistic, digital patient model to enable personalized and cost-optimized medical treatment.



The medical expert system OnkoLeit supports the treating physician on the basis of medical guidelines in the course of diagnosis and therapy decisions for oncological diseases.



With our data integration and analysis for medical applications, patient data from different sources can be better bundled and analyzed. 



NurseEye is a privacy-friendly fall detection and alerting system to support hospital and nursing home staff. 


Medical expert systems

Our medical expert system provides support like a human advisor and helps to find the best solution from many options for medical issues.



The goal of MyCellFight is to develop an automated immune chip. It is intended to predict the individual biological immune response of up to 100 people – from children to senior citizens.