We develop open and secure application domains of the Internet of Things.

Department Information Management and Production Control (ILT)

The department Information Management and Production Control develops open and secure architectures, software components and solutions for information, control and test systems in Internet of Things (IoT) application areas.

We implement open, innovative, custom software solutions that drive new paradigms in the fields of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0. Building on agile methods in requirements analysis, system design, and recognized architecture and communication standards, our work extends beyond manufacturing to the areas of environment, crisis management, resource efficiency, and security.

We develop solutions for efficient processing of heterogeneous data sets, semantic annotation and fusion of sensor data into meaningful technical information for decision making. Through AI engineering, we develop AI-based software components for industrial production ecosystems and environmental information systems.

Our competence profile is rounded off by in-depth knowledge of IT security for the industrial production.

We offer IT security consulting and training and are involved in the Standardization Council Industrie 4.0 and other standardization bodies such as OPC Foundation, AutomationML e.V., Bitkom, VDI/VDE, VDMA, DIN, IEC, IIC, W3C and OGC.

Our portfolio includes several open source tools:

  • open62541: Open source OPC UA stack, suitable for embedded systems
  • FROST®: Time series management and sensor data management
  • FA3ST®: Tools for building digital twins based on Industrie 4.0 standards (administration shell)

We offer comprehensive solutions for certain domains:

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Dealing with supply shortfalls in a pandemic

EUR3KA - a very relevant and exciting project dealing with the subject of managing global production crises through repurposing and networking of available production capacities.

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With the Smart Factory Web, an IIC testbed, we promote the concept of marketability Solutions that use open standards for the visualisation of production capacities and plants in manufacturing. We use various test centres to advance our research activities, such as our Industrie 4.0 model factory, an AutomationML test centre, a safety test environment for Automation and communication components ISuTest and a +LA-based certification test Centre for Distributed Simulation Federations. We also operate an IT security laboratory.

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