WebGenesis© - System for networking a wide range of data to support decision-making

Lagekarte Baden-Württemberg eines fiktiven Katastrophenereignisses in Pforzheim
Location map Baden-Württemberg of a fictitious disaster event in Pforzheim
Karte mit Messungen der Grundwasser Daten in Frankreich
Groundwater data measurement BRGM, France
Lieferkette Kakao im Smart Factory Web
Cocoa supply chain on the Smart Factory Web

Description of the product

Nowadays, understandable data is the foundation of good decisions. The challenge is not only to handle the vast amount of data but also connecting the data from many different areas in the semantically correct way. For example, in the application domain “Industrie 4.0”, data from production, maintenance and order management have to be linked and complex production chains have to be modelled. Regarding the subject of climate change we have to deal with weather data, results from model calculations, legal requirements and cascaded climate effects.

WebGenesis© supports you in the acquisition, management and description of raw data (e.g. time series data of sensors) and expertise. It particularly shows its strengths when the information given has a spatial reference (e.g. events on a map). By using web technologies users can access the system from distributed locations. Thus, the system enables the collaboration of experts from different domains.

To link the data, methods and technologies of the Semantic Web are used. Hereby WebGenesis® relies on open standards such as the Web Ontology Language OWL/RDF. If an ontology is already available, it can be imported directly. With this description, input and search forms can be automatically generated and a navigation structure is created. The structure can be created and edited in WebGenesis® as well. With these features a complex knowledge-based information system can be setup in a short time.

The integration of external data sources, such as WikiData is possible as well.

WebGenesis® uses open standards for the integration of maps and time series data. It supports various protocols of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), e.g. the Web Mapping Service (WMS) or OpenStreetMap servers. The same applies for sensor data from the Internet of Things (IoT): for this task, WebGenesis® relies on the OGC SensorThings API with special support for the Open Source product FROST®. OPC-UA is an open standard in the industrial sector and can be integrated as well.

Fields of Application

WebGenesis® can be used as a development platform for knowledge based systems. It can also serve as a basis for own developments. Developer training is available.

WebGenesis® offers a wide range of possibilities for use thanks to the openness and the various features of the tool. Currently the systems is used In many application fields, e,g. SmartCity, crisis management, Industry 4.0, protection of cultural heriage and environmental information.



  • Management, navigation and customized visualization of ontologies (import/export of OWL/RDF)
  • Integration of external semantic data sources (e.g. WikiData, Semantic Web)
  • Access from and integration of other external knowledge bases (SPARQL-Endpoint)
  • Integration of maps (OpenStreetMap, several OGC formats, …)
  • Data visualization on Maps (SensorThings API, W*S, ontologies)
  • Workflow engine to support the creation and management of standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Generation of forms/support for rapid prototyping
  • Fully web-based / mobile app available
  • Docker support
  • Supports single sign-on via openID Connect (OIDC)


  • Management, navigation and individual visualisation of ontologies (import/export of OWL/RDF
  • Integration of external semantic data sources (e.g. WikiData, Semantic Web)
  • Access and query options from external systems (e.g. SPARQL-Endpoint)
    Integration of maps (OpenStreetMap, various OGC formats, ...)
  • Data visualisation on maps (SensorThings API, W*S, ontologies, ...)
  • Support of workflows through workflows
  • Generation of forms / Supports rapid prototyping
  • Completely web-based / Mobile App available
  • Runs as a docker container - Supports Single-Sign-On via OpenID Connect (OIDC)

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