From a holistic view of water supply systems to autonomous land and underwater vehicles

Department Water and Mobile Systems

The Water and Mobile Systems department examines water supply systems in a holistic, integrated approach, and develops embedded and assistance systems along with autonomous land and underwater vehicles.

Our work on water systems covers the whole cycle from drinking water abstraction, treatment and distribution to wastewater recycling and sludge treatment. We predict water demand, create model surface water systems and devise concepts to build and rebuild reservoirs, dams and other water systems as well as flood warning systems. In recent years, we have also established a new research area: disinfection with UV-C LEDs. Our expertise in embedded and mobile systems comprises the development and integration of sensors, actuators and other components; guiding and diagnostic systems; and software development for real-time systems, including sensor data fusion and simulation. We are particularly experienced at designing, engineering and building remotely operated and autonomous underwater vehicles for exploration and inspection.

The department’s portfolio of competences is as broad as the uses to which our products are put. Our MISO (Multivariates Inspektionssystem für Offshore-Bauwerke) inspector is a multivariate inspection and analysis system used in the offshore industry, while our RTLS flares are used inside buildings to aid navigation. Our LocSens multi-sensor system is designed for the observation of rough industrial settings. Much of our widely varied expertise comes together in our work on autonomous systems designed for hazardous environments. We develop ROVs and AUVs and send them out on test drives – performing archeological explorations under water, for example. We produce models designed to optimize operations in aquaponics systems. And we also succeeded in discovering and demonstrating new uses for UV-C LEDs, such as disinfecting beverage bottle caps.

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