Publications of the Interoperability and Assistance Systems department (IAS)

YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2021Kompetent im Einsatz. Variable Autonomie Lernender Systeme in lebensfeindlichen Umgebungen: White paper
Beyerer, Jürgen; Deserno, Thomas M.; Straube, Sirko; Tchouchenkov, Igor; Wedler, Armin
2021Evolving from Data to Knowledge Mining to Uncover Hidden Relationships
Demestichas, Konstantinos; Remoundou, Konstantina; Loumiotis, Ioannis; Adamopoulou, Evgenia; Müller, Wilmuth; Pallmer, Dirk; Mühlenberg, Dirk; Kozik, Rafal; Choras, Michael; Faure, David; Horincar, Roxana; Brodie of Brodie, Edward Benedict; Jacobe de Naurois, Charlotte; Chandramouli, Krishna; Rosca, Alexandra
Book Article
2021Human-Machine Interactions for on the Fly Free Text Input Processing
Dyck, Sergius; Hoffmann, Almuth
Conference Paper
2021Measuring Flow, Immersion and Arousal/Valence for Application in Adaptive Learning Systems
Kannegieser, Ehm; Atorf, Daniel; Herold, Joachim
Conference Paper
2021I-Mouse: A Framework for Player Assistance in Adaptive Serious Games
Lalwani, Riya; Chouhan, Ashish; John, Varun; Sonar, Prashant; Mahajan, Aakash; Pendyala, Naresh; Streicher, Alexander; Prabhune, Ajinkya
Conference Paper
2021Multimedia analysis platform for crime prevention and investigation. Results of MAGNETO project
Perez, Francisco J.; Garrido, Victor J.; Garcia, Alberto; Zambrano, Marcelo; Kozik, Rafal; Choras, Michal; Mühlenberg, Dirk; Pallmer, Dirk; Müller, Wilmuth
Journal Article
2021Supplementing Machine Learning with Knowledge Models Towards Semantic Explainable AI
Sander, Jennifer; Kuwertz, Achim
Conference Paper
2021How to Test Interoperability of Different Implementations of a Complex Military Standard
Schöbel, Andre; Klotz, Philipp; Zaschke, Christian; Essendorfer, Barbara
Conference Paper
2021A General Framework and Control Theoretic Approach for Adaptive Interactive Learning Environments
Streicher, Alexander; Schönbein, Rainer; Pickl, Stefan Wolfgang
Book Article
2021Dynamic Cognitive Modeling for Adaptive Serious Games
Streicher, Alexander; Busch, Julius; Roller, Wolfgang
Conference Paper
2021Graph-Based Modeling for Adaptive Control in Assistance Systems
Streicher, Alexander; Schönbein, Rainer; Pickl, Stefan
Conference Paper
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