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Fraunhofer Advanced Asset Administration Shell Tools for Digital Twins

We are pleased to announce the release of our open-source software FA³ST Service v0.1.0 as first building block of the Fraunhofer Advanced Asset Administration Shell Tools for Digital Twins (FA³ST). FA³ST Service enables you to create and run Digital Twins based on the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) specification by Plattform Industrie 4.0 that can be interacted with via standard-conform APIs.
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Fraunhofer ML4P project improves efficiency in industrial manufacturing

Artificial intelligence is regularly applied in areas such as image analysis and speech recognition. However, in the industrial production sector its potential is still scarcely used. Several Fraunhofer institutes have recently developed a solution as part of the lighthouse project “ML4P — Machine Learning for Production”, which aims to make industrial manufacturing much more efficient through the use of machine learning. The software suite is very flexible and can be easily applied in existing production processes.
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Train, bike or car? AI methods to help choose the best means of transport depending on the current situation

Mobility services offer people a variety of ways to get from A to B. Whether bus and train, bicycle or e-scooter, car-sharing or private car: the options are steadily increasing and can contribute significantly to more sustainable, cheaper and healthier mobility. The choice of the appropriate means of transport always depends on the circumstances: Which services are available, how is the weather developing, is there a lot of traffic or limited parking at the destination? Seamless mobility means being able to choose the most suitable means of transport for each leg of the journey and to switch between them quickly and conveniently.
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New Fraunhofer Center SIRIOS in Berlin goes into operation

In January 2022, the newly founded Fraunhofer Center for Security of Socio-Technical Systems SIRIOS in Berlin started operations. In comprehensive research and development projects, it bundles the competencies of four Fraunhofer institutes. The aim is to set up a research, test and training environment for security authorities, rescue services and operators of critical infrastructure over the next four years. There, complex security scenarios can be simulated, experienced virtually and tested in real life. The direct participation of citizens should also be made possible, e.g. by assessing the subjective sense of security.
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