Sorting and industrial quality control of food

The quality and safety of food is a valuable asset. Consumers set the highest quality standards: They expect their food to be not only safe and nutritious, but also fresh, visually appealing and tasty. In addition, authenticity plays an increasingly important role for many brands and products. Avoidable fluctuations in quality, false declarations or even breakdowns - for example, foreign bodies getting into the finished product unnoticed and requiring a recall - must be prevented at all costs.


Quality control is therefore becoming an ever higher priority. Innovative solutions are required along the entire supply chain to maximize the quality, freshness and authenticity of products. With our expertise in fields such as near-infrared spectroscopy, image processing/computer vision and automated sorting systems, we support our customers in continuously pushing the limits of what is possible.  

FoodControl in practice



Together with the Fraunhofer IVV, the TH Deggendorf and the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf we have developed a scanner to determine the freshness of food.


Fruit and vegetable scanner

Determining the degree of freshness and ripeness of fruits and vegetables with the help of various sensors and AI opens up new possibilities for the anticipatory handling of food.


Sorting systems

In addition to established RGB camera technology and laser scanning, cameras that operate in the ultraviolet or infrared wavelength range are increasingly being used to inspect food.


Automatic fruit recognition

Our image processing module detects fruit varieties, even if there are color and brightness fluctuations - ideal for intelligent self-service scales in food retailing.