Selected projects and products of the department Object Recognition (OBJ)

  • AutoInspect: Inspection of complex objects – multisensory, modular, continuously digitized

    Technical infrastructure and digital twin for quality inspection and comprehensive evaluation

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    “AutoInspect” is a system for continuous object assessment (in real time) by multimodal inspection along the production cycle. Both a direct reaction to the results and their long-term observation are possible. The system is supported by a digital quality twin with open I4.0 standards.

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  • Ein Laservibrometer auf einem Schwenk-Neigekopf richtet seinen Messstrahl auf eine Windkraftanlage
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    A laser vibrometry sensor on a pan-tilt head enables distant vibration measurement on wind turbine rotors.

    Significant costs in the operation of wind turbines (WTG) are incurred through maintenance and repair. Downtimes caused by such work must be minimized, but failures due to damage not recognized in time must also be avoided.

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  • The MODISSA testbed

    Experimental platform for hardware evaluation and software development

    MODISSA, a mobile sensor carrier

    MODISSA in front of the IOSB institute building in Ettlingen, Germany.

    MODISSA (Mobile Distributed Situation Awareness) is the IOSB's realization of an experimental platform for hardware evaluation and software development in the contexts of automotive safety, security, and military applications. It is based on a Volkswagen van VW T5 that has been equipped with a broad range of sensors and contains hardware for complete raw data capture, real-time data analysis, and immediate data visualization on in-car displays

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