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Which lectures will be heard soon? Were there any awards or nominations? When is the next time we are at a trade fair? Here you can get all information.

Name Datum Informationen
Moßgraber, J.; Hertweck, P. 28.11.2023

Presentation (J. Moßgraber): Digital Infrastructure and the Role of GAIA-X
INSPIRE Conference 2023
Session No. 10
28.11. - 29.11.2023

Usländer, T. 6.10.2023

Lecture: AI Systems Engineering in the Context of Dataspaces
5. - 6.10.2023

Patzer, F. 12.9.23

Keynote: Sustainable smart manufacturing with Catena-X
12. - 15.9.2023
Sinaia, Romania

Usländer, T. 14.6.2023

Keynote: AI system engineering, industrial dataspaces and digital twins – how does this all fit together?
OSADL Networking Day 2023

Moßgraber, J.; Hellmund, T.; Kotova, L. 28.4.2023

Lecture (J. Moßgraber): IT support for climate resilient cultural heritage - examples from the KERES project
EGU General Assembly
23. - 28.4.2023

Usländer, T. 20.4.2023

Lecture: Engineering view on digital twin systems, dataspaces and AI
Conference OPC UA meets IT
Hannover Messe 2023
Convention Center
Room 3 B
17. - 21.4.2023

Usländer, T. 17.4.2023

Lecture: Making artificial intelligence manageable and usable for engineers
AInnovation Tour at Hannover Messe 2023
Halle 15, Stand A06
Hannover Messe
17. - 21.4.2023

  17. - 21.4.2023

ILT on the Hannover Trade Fair!
Take a look on our interesting exhibits in 2023:

Exhibit Where to find
Catena-X Resiliency KIT inkl. MaaS Hall 8, Booth D 26
FA3ST Hall 8, Booth D 26
Halle 15, Booth A06
Digital Twin Hall 8, Booth D 26
Halle 15, Stand A06
Smart Factory Web Hall 15, Booth A06
ISuTest® Hall 16, Booth D04 (26)
Pfrang, S. 17.4.2023

Lecture: ISuTest®: Security Testing for Embedded Industrial Devices According to IEC 62443
Hannover Messe 2023
Industrial Security Speakers Corner
Hall 16, Booth D04
17. - 21.4.2023

Usländer, T. 24.3.2023

Lecture: AI Systems Engineering - Raiseo f a New Engineering Discipline
6th Smart Manufacturing Excellence Summit
22. - 24.3.2023

Usländer, T. 23.3.2023

Panel Discussion: Supply Chain Resilience
6th Smart Manufacturing Excellence Summit
22. - 24.3.2023

van der Schaaf, H. 22.2.23

Lecture: Towards fine-grained security in the SensorThings API
OGC-TC Security DWG
20. - 23.2.2023
Frascati, Italien