Food quality and artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture

The value chain begins with agricultural production, but in perspective it includes further process steps and processing steps. With the aid of innovative concepts for automation and new types of sensor technology, Fraunhofer is building a data-based agricultural ecosystem - an "Agricultural Data Space" that is set to become a milestone in digitised agriculture. Food is controlled and sorted during production. The use of spectral information beyond the R-G-B facilitates classification and serve quality assurance..

Our projects and products in the field of food quality and agriculture


Food quality through sorting systems

Sorting systems are used for the control and quality assurance of food. Our multispectral workbench enables objects to be accurately examined in the entire wavelength range.  



Digitalisation in the value-added network: natural and environmentally friendly viticulture and increased labour efficiency while saving resources and costs.


Smart Agriculture

The "COGNAC project" is about helping agriculture to become more sustainable and efficient.



Detection of pyrrolizine alkaloids (PA) in plants

The detection of PA in plants and sorting of PA-contaminated medicinal plant products is a joint project of the Fraunhofer IOSB and the Julius Kühn Institute Berlin



The Food Scanner determines the degree of freshness of food. The mission behind it is the rescue of food.



FriDa - Fresh Data

The aim of the project is to reduce food waste with the help of NIR spectroscopy and additional sensors along the food supply chains.


Fruit and vegetable scanner

Determining the degree of freshness and ripeness with the help of various sensors and AI opens up new possibilities for the anticipatory handling of food.



The theme of the "Grapesort grape sorting project" is the optical sorting of grape berries by quality, which ensures improved separation of unwanted particles.


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