What can we do for you?

For clients from the private and public sectors

Our range of offerings and services covers a broad portfolio of competences and topics (see business units u and competences) as well as the entire spectrum of development stages - from the basic research question to the finished product. In other words, you've come to the right place, no matter to which TRL (Technology Readiness Level) your question relates.

For our customers from the economy and our sponsors from the public sector, we create, perform or develop:

  • Studies: You have a question - would you like to know, for example, what is technologically feasible in a certain area? We give you a neat written answer.
  • Consulting: You would like to develop your company or project technologically? We support you with our know-how and facilitate concrete steps.
  • Contract R&D: You have a technological problem or a previously unfulfillable requirement? We develop the solution.
  • Demonstrators: You would like to illustrate the potentials of certain technologies using example applications? We find use cases and build functional exhibits.
  • Prototypes: You need hardware or software that can cope with previously unsolved challenges? We do the engineering and deliver fully functional components and systems if required.
  • Training courses: You would like to train yourself or your colleagues in specific topics that lie within our competence spectrum? We create trainings and events with a high practical relevance.

For researchers and scientific institutions

Third-party-funded research - including EU, BMBF, but also EDA and many other projects - accounts for around one third of our activities. Usually, these are collaborative projects, i.e. we cooperate with universities, other research institutes and often with companies in Germany and abroad. If you are interested in bringing our expertise into your research project: Talk to us!

This also applies to researchers who are interested in an exchange or a visit. No matter whether you are working in academia or in a company: Assuming a corresponding overlap in topics of interest and provided that the involved parties are willing to cooperate, we will find individual solutions and agreements.

For students and graduates

We conduct research and development for a large number of clients from a wide variety of industries and sectors. There is a lot of work to do for young talents in computer science, engineering, mathematics and physics, no matter what level of qualification you have already reached:
  • You still have your degree ahead of you? We offer opportunities for dual studies, assistant jobs and internships as well as for final theses (Bachelor, Master, Diploma).
  • You are already a graduate, would like to have freedom, work responsibly and help shape the future with your creativity? Then take a look at our vacancies! (Some are advertised in German only.)
In our institute you will find exciting projects at the interface between science and business. You will work with state-of-the-art research methods and tools, gain insights into different industries and can pursue a variety of trainings and qualifications. Not least, of course, you can do your doctorate with us.
In short: at Fraunhofer IOSB we offer you the best development opportunities, regardless of whether your ultimate goal is a scientific career or a career in business.