Remote sensing and condition monitoring from a distance

Whether the growth and ripening of arable crops is to be monitored, vibrations of rotating wind turbines measured or the condition of pipelines or dams determined: Today, remote optical measurement techniques make it possible to determine many target variables without the need for in situ measurements or the installation of sensors. Satellite images, sensors in aircraft or drones or special ground-based measuring equipment provide the data basis. Whether the concrete application is in agriculture or in the field of infrastructure monitoring: We have the right skills and experience. We specialize in evaluation and analysis methods to gain the desired insights from the raw data.

Remote inspection and monitoring in the application


Digitalization as an opportunity for agriculture

Our expertise in sensor technology and remote sensing, robotics, data management and evaluation enables farmers to achieve higher productivity.


Remote vibration measurement

Measurement of vibrations on wind turbines in the middle of operation, without built-in sensors - from a distance of 200-300m with high spatial resolution.


HYPOD – Hyperspectral Oil Leak Detection