AI-based solutions for the car of the future

We develop intelligent AI assistance-systems for vehicles. Thanks to our solutions, the interior becomes smart, intuitive and proactive.

With the Advanced Occupant Monitoring System, all occupants can be recorded in real time and up to 35 different activities can be distinguished from their movements. We conduct laboratory tests in our advanced driving simulator. With appropriately equipped vehicles, we record data and evaluate systems in real drives.


Are you interested in next-generation driver assistance systems?

As a neutral partner we support you from the very beginning, by:

  • objective expert advice on the state of research and technology as well as on trends and new technologies
  • creating concepts to solve technical problems and finding suitable use cases
  • the execution of feasibility studies
  • the development of individual multimodal prototypes
  • Licensing of our pre-developed technologies
  • detailed user studies on your questions
  • evaluation of your technical systems in our driving simulator or in real driving situations
  • on-site support by embedded scientists on your topic
  • individual competence transfer and training
  • lectures and demonstrations

Our projects and products for the automotive industry


Advanced Occupant Monitoring System

Our system detects the driver and passengers inside the vehicle to distinguish between different activities and detect critical situations.


KARLI - AI for interaction in the vehicle of the future

In the KARLI project, IOSB develops occupant state detectors for interactions in the vehicle interior.


InCarIn – Intelligent Car Interieur

Distracted for only a moment? InCarIn records the individual needs of all passengers so that the system can react and respond to them.


Integrated Autonomous Driving Lab

We support vehicle automation with innovative assistance systems (AR, VR, speech recognition, etc.).



Our camera-based driver observation supports the interaction between driver and automated vehicle and reports when control should be taken over by an autonomous driving assistant.



In INITIATIVE, AI-supported adaptive human-technology communication is integrated in automated vehicles to increase safety in mixed traffic scenarios.


4Crypt Video

Adhering to data protection and securely documenting critical work steps - 4Crypt Video and the flexible authentication procedure make it possible.


Test Area Autonomous Driving Baden-Württemberg

Karlsruhe and its surroundings are becoming a test field for autonomous vehicles. The sensor technology for this will be designed transparently in order to increase the acceptance of the citizens.


ED/OM - European Data for Occupant Monitoring Systems

The ED/OM project is a joint industrial project in which several industrial partners cooperate with Fraunhofer IOSB to work on the same or similar objectives and to scientifically address congruent issues of future driver monitoring systems.