ED/OM - European Data for Occupant Monitoring Systems


Automated vehicles must be able to sense and understand not only their environment but also the interior. Only if they are able to perceive and comprehend the driver and his or her possible distraction they may design and execute a secure transfer of driving responsibility. Against this background, driver monitoring systems or occupant monitoring systems are becoming increasingly attentive and intelligent. For this purpose, AI processes or machine learning processes are used increasingly and have to be trained in particular for specific use cases. Therefore corresponding databases and annotations are required. The collection of this data is time-consuming and has to be carried out in compliance with the DSGVO. Allthough, terms of execution and annotation have to be focused on the use cases. It is of particular interest to integrate available sensor technologies at an early stage in order to evaluate their suitability and to consider them in prototypical feasibility studies and demonstrators.


The ED/OM project is a joint industrial project in which several industrial partners cooperate with Fraunhofer IOSB to work on the same or similar aims and to scientifically address congruent issues of future driver monitoring systems. For the participants of the alliance, the research of essential use cases in the vehicle interior according to user-centered approaches is in the spotlight. All studies and research work will be carried out in the IOSB's own driving simulator or with real test vehicles. The IOSB is responsible for the execution and recording of DSGVO-compliant data collection, annotation and refinement. Demonstrators for prototypical feasibility of catalytic use cases are jointly implemented and tested. In this context, the Fraunhofer IOSB acts as an ongoing interface to the international state of the art, moderates the establishment of standard procedures for data exchange within the alliance, and supports and coordinates applications for publicly funded projects.


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