Defence and Civil Security

Security in public spaces can be improved with suitable methods of situational awareness and situation analysis. We provide rescue forces, police units, customs, ports and security personnel with suitable tools to recognize conspicuous situations and classify them correctly. This enables faster response times and defense against unwanted incidents (e.g. drone attacks, smuggling, environmental offenses, risk of injury in mass gatherings).

Our competences for your project

  • Sensor data fusion and early threat detection in air traffic for drone defense
  • Digital situational awareness
  • Support for image exploitation for situation assessment
  • Maritime situation analysis

Our projects and products for defense and civil security



In this defense research project, 43 partners from 15 EU countries are integrating flying, floating and diving unmanned systems into fleet assemblies for a networked maritime surveillance and reconnaissance mission of the future.



Detect and classify drones in time: In the BMBF project ArGUS, an assistance system was developed for situation-aware defense against dangers from unmanned aerial systems.


Digital Map Table

The Digital Map Table is a software system for distributed position visualization and position processing. Any number of users can work independently on PCs and tablets or together on large displays in the same layer.


Digital Map Table in Virtual Reality

Technical advances in VR allow professional use and expansion of the map table to handle tasks in an interdisciplinary and collaborative manner.



Our methods of automatic situation or intention recognition support human decision makers in surveillance tasks (e.g. environmental offences, smuggling) in the maritime domain.



“S²UCRE” is a project of the German Federal Minister of Education and Research (BMBF). The goal of this project is safety in urban environments through crowd monitoring, prediction and decision support.



The strong increase of flying objects requires a complex and high surveillance task of air traffic. Our systems automatically detect UAS in the air and classify hazardous situations. 



This interactive tool supports the image exploiter in the detection of objects by allowing him to describe the object to be exploited on the basis of the object features detected in the image, thereby guiding him to a detection decision.