Optical Metrology

By surface inspection we mean disk inspection, paint inspection and texture analysis. In the following you will find our products in these areas.



Automatic inspection, detection of inclusions and air bubbles e.g. defect detection in 3-D expanded transparent objects and testing according to DIN ISO 10110-3


Multiscale inspection using deflectometry and wavelet-based methods (MID-WAVE)



Measurement of the directional reflection of surfaces. Measured with excellent technology in high spectral and spatial resolution


RetroReflection Ellipsometry

Continuous testing of curved surfaces by evaluating the reflection of a light source, without adjusting the position of light source and detector.


Light field

Generation and detection of 4D light fields


Automation in microscopy



System for the inspection of surfaces for reflectance or coating defects in throughput



Confocal chromatic triangulation (CCT) sensor


Adaptive Optics

Research activities in the Adaptive Optics Group


Deflectometry: Automatic visual inspection and measurement of reflective objects