Our technologies help to improve the production processes and quality assurance of companies. We support your production with intelligent, user-friendly assistance systems and with our many years of experience in exchange with renowned manufacturing companies. 

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Quick Question: What trends are there in human-machine interaction? (Video in German language)

Our competences for your project

  • In quality control: Defect marking on components, painted or unpainted surfaces using pointing gestures or digital defect annotation. Automatic data transfer of the defect location into the system instead of manual defect entry by the worker.
  • In production: Cooperative, more efficient work between workers and robots with intelligent human-machine interaction in the production process.
  • Safe workplace environment: Smart robots detect their environment and do not endanger the worker in the work process.
  • Privacy compliance: Camera-based body sensing can be equipped with Privacy by Design to anonymize recordings. This allows, among other things, critical work processes to be recorded in compliance with data protection. 

Our projects and products for production use


AI & camera-based anomaly detection for quality assurance

With latest human-computer interaction Halodome improves the detection of defects on components.



QSelect is an intuitive system for digital defect documentation of painted and unpainted components or other products that are to be inspected and documented for defects in quality assurance.


4Crypt Video

With this flexibly applicable authentication procedure, critical work steps (e.g. in production) can be documented securely and in compliance with data protection requirements for all parties involved.


Gesture-based error marking for quality assurance

In quality assurance, our camera-based person detection enables defects on the component to be displayed and marked more quickly using intuitive pointing gestures. 



With the innovative, AI-based assistance system CoBot (Collaborative Robot), robots and humans work together collaboratively in manual assembly. The integrated gesture and speech recognition ensures efficient and smooth processes.



In addition to our fully automated object localization and identification, we offer Infrared Marker-based Pose Recognition, a self-developed system for marker-based localization and pose measurement of objects.



The Competence Center for Applied Security Technology is one of three competence centers for cyber security initiated by the BMBF. The focus is on the overall security of specific application areas such as power grids or smart factories.


Person tracking in the Elbedome

Multi-camera person tracking in the Elbedome in Magdeburg, a mixed reality lab for displaying interactive visualizations.


Industrial Data Space

The secure peer-to-peer network enables companies to exchange data with third parties in a sovereign manner. The data owner retains self-determined control over the use of his data.