4Crypt Video - Secure documentation of critical work steps

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Adhering to data protection and securely documenting critical work steps - 4Crypt Video and the flexible authentication procedure make it possible.

Secure and data protection compliant documentation

Two pairs of eyes see more than one. The four-eye- or multi-eye principle is therefore the organizational measure of choice to avoid errors in particularly important or safety-critical processes. Likewise, it has already proven itself in the analog world to distribute key or access codes to several people when valuable or sensitive goods need to be stored securely. The video documentation of safety-critical work steps, e.g. the assembly of important screw connections or the inspection of welding seams in quality assurance, can also be implemented safely and in compliance with data protection regulations by technically implementing this principle in software.

Acceptance among employees and works councils and flexible use

A solution for storing personal and other sensitive data must be secure and compliant with data protection regulations in order to gain the trust and acceptance of employees and employee representatives. Here, the technical implementation of the established four-eye- or multi-eye principle can be the key to success.

Identification and authentication features (password hashes, certificates, etc.) of your users are usually already available in your directory service. These user data should be used to minimize the integration effort in your infrastructure.

4Crypt Video: Easy to integrate video documentation solution with high security

4Crypt Video is a solution for the encrypted storage of image or video recordings. It ensures by means of asymmetrical cryptography and flexibly applicable authentication procedures that (at least) a second pair of eyes agrees to the decryption - for example a member of the works council. For the integration of 4Crypt, only the video source, the filmed user, the start time and, after completion of the work step to be recorded, the end time must be signaled to 4Crypt Video. The user interface and the backend support a variety of authentication methods, so that your users can log in using user name/password, face recognition, smartphone or smart card. 4Crypt accesses your directory service via the LDAP protocol to use your users' IDs and associated authentication features.


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