Analysis and evaluation, contract research and technological innovation - From the physics of signal generation to the use of information contained therein

The Defense business unit conducts research in the following fields: imaging with optronic systems, real-time image and signal analysis, and architectures for information and simulation systems. We provide the German Federal Ministry of Defence, its subordinate offices and agencies, and the defense industry as a whole with expertise in analysis and evaluation of defense-related projects as well as concrete technology projects and contract research and development. Our prime objective is to ensure rapid transfer of the latest research so as to enhance the capabilities of the armed forces and protect soldiers. In order to realize the greatest possible synergies, our work is embedded, wherever possible, within the research for civil security and other applications that is performed at our other business units. We also maintain strong ties to various bodies, institutions and organizations within the E8, NATO and the scientific community.


  • Optronic sensor systems
  • Signature evaluation and management
  • Laser Technology
  • Analysis of radar and aerial photography
  • Object and situation recognition
  • Connected command and control
  • Connected simulation
  • Adaptive optics


  • IR scene simulation
  • Modeling of imaging devices
  • Nonlinear laser frequency conversion
  • Multisensor and hyperspectral sensor technology
  • Multimodal human-computer interaction
  • THS® (Target Handoff System)
  • DigLT (digital map table software)
  • Adaptive learning games
  • Semantic video analysis
  • Coalition Shared Data

Further information about the business unit


”Key capabilities for tomorrow's battlefields“

In this interview, Dr. Michael Arens talks about application-oriented research in the context of future battle tank systems and digitalized operations.

IOSB publications

The following issues of our science journal visIT deal with topics of this business area (German only):

Our equipment

  • Environmental simulation laboratory (e.g. for camouflage evaluation)
  • Laboratory for Adaptive Optics
  • Laboratory for the analysis of the reflectivity properties of materials (BRDF)
  • AirSIG imaging radiometric measuring system: Airborne sensor platform
  • Laboratory for evaluating observer performance
  • Laboratories for the evaluation of visual and infrared imaging sensors
  • Laboratory for optronic countermeasures
  • Laser laboratories (e.g. femtosecond laser)
  • Interaction laboratories for imaging education (gaze, gesture interaction, etc.)
  • Reference and test laboratory for networked sensor-based reconnaissance (e.g. for MAJIIC)
  • Central VIntEL node (Distributed integrated testing landscape)
  • Distributed Network Battlelab (DNBL)
  • SAR Simulator (CohRaS®)
  • AMFIS - Mobile mission laboratory for reconnaissance and monitoring with mobile systems in a sensor network
  • Lab for "Serious Games
  • Airborne multisensor platform (VIS, LWIR and hyperspectral)

Cooperate with us

Companies can cooperate with us within the framework of funded joint projects or commission R&D services directly - and there are other ways to access our know-how.