Core competence Optronics

Optronics is concerned with the generation of light, its beam shaping, propagation and conversion into electronic signals - i.e. in particular with technical processes to generate images (in the broadest sense) of the world around us.

Our departments in the field of optronics


Laser Technology

The department Laser Technology develops laser sources and nonlinear converters. Therefore we design photonic materials and components to optimize infrared laser systems to meet the specific requirements of optronic applications.



The Optronics Department develops and optimizes active and passive optronic systems and evaluates their performance using both experimental and theoretical models.



The Signatorics Department is specialized in the optimization of the performance of electro-optical systems and in technology for the evaluation and management of signatures in the atmosphere.


Visual Inspection Systems

The department Visual Inspection Systems develops and supplies systems for automated visual inspection that perform tasks such as sorting of bulk materials, inspection of food and quality assurance for transparent and reflective materials.