We develop systems for automated visual inspection

Department Visual Inspection Systems (SPR)

Our work revolves around using optronic sensors and machine vision to characterize and inspect various materials and objects. We work with high-resolution line scan cameras of various types (color, grayscale, UV and imaging NIR), area scan cameras, laser scanners, hyperspectral technology and inexpensive NIR point spectroscopy sensors. The imaging equipment is customized for each specific task and relies heavily on folded beam paths and LED fash illumination. Our expertise also includes high-performance system architectures with specially developed framegrabbers and image exploitation algorithms; these are essential given the inspections’ high throughput rates and the need to build databases of reference data. Our solutions are currently in use in a great number of factories, where they perform tasks such as quality control.

We develop systems that sort bulk goods automatically. They are used in recycling (e.g. glass, plastic, construction and demolition waste), mining (minerals) and the food industry (for purifying coffee, tea, grains, grapes and other products). Other systems we have designed can inspect surfaces for defects, inspect and classify transparent materials of all shapes and measure the color of granulates. We are currently working, for example, on a mobile food scanner that uses NIR spectroscopy to check the composition, freshness and quality of foodstuffs, or we are developing, for example, a method for the rapid detection of asbestos in building rubble. 

Finding solutions for new challenges

Quality control is an extensive and multi-layered subject area and extends beyond the aspects mentioned above for the characterization and inspection of various materials and objects. Therefore, we like to face new challenges every day: If you are faced with these or similar questions or challenges, please feel free to contact us - we will find a solution!

Our research groups


Sorting of bulk goods and recycling

Sorting of bulk goods involves the detection of foreign bodies and sorting for bulk goods during industrial processing. A distinction is made here between food and non-food.


Inspection of complex products

Quality testing by surface inspection: pane inspection, paint inspection and layer density measurements on transparent materials of any shape in manufacturing processes. 


Food quality and artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture

The value chain starts with agricultural production, but in perspective includes further process steps and processing steps. The use of spectral information beyond the R-G-B facilitates classification.

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