BauCycle – construction waste recycling

BauCycle – construction waste recycling

The aim of the MAVO BauCycle research consortium is the sorting and processing of demolition materials to produce recycled building materials. These are then returned to the original construction cycle. This should reduce the use of primary raw materials, enable more sustainable construction and counteract the shortage of landfill space.


May 2020

Optical sorting of building rubble -
and scarce building sand

It is by far the largest waste fraction. More than 200 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste are generated in Germany every year.
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29th April 2020 | BauCycle research project draws a positive balance

August 2019

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Recycling of fine-grained construction waste

Many raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce. And this applies not only to oil or rare metals, but also to industrially usable sand. Contrary to the saying that something is as common as sand at the sea, it is finite and in some countries even scarce, because beach or desert sand is not suitable for construction; it is too small and too round.

Read more in the Press release of 8th August 2019.

Juni 2019

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Optical Computing zum Sortieren der Bauschuttfeinfraktion

"BauCycle" wins DGNB Sustainability Challenge 2019

Das Projekt BauCycle konnte sich im Rahmen der DGNB Sustainability Challenge in der Kategorie »Forschung« gegen hochkarätige Mitbewerber durchsetzen und wurde am 25. Juni 2019 im Rahmen einer Fachveranstaltung in Stuttgart zum Sieger der Kategorie "Forschung" gewählt.

Further information can be found on the DGNB website.

September 2016

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Innovative approach for recycling building materials

Around five million tonnes of fine-grained building rubble are produced in Germany every year. Up to now, this fine fraction has been disposed of in landfills and partly reused as subsoil in road and landfill construction. In order to recover the valuable raw materials used in concrete, such as sand or gravel, and to be able to return them to the production cycle, four Fraunhofer Institutes have set themselves the goal of realising an innovative recycling system for fine-grained demolition waste. The "BauCycle" project was launched for this purpose. The researchers are looking at the entire value-added chain - from innovative optical sorting processes and logistics networks to the development of high-quality building materials. This material reuse of demolition waste is intended to sustainably conserve primary raw materials and counteract a shortage of landfill space.

You can find the complete article at IOSB press release 2016.



The "BauCycle" project won the DGNB Sustainability Challenge 2019. Visit the website of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and learn more.



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