From fundamental research questions to embodied AI

The business unit for Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems conducts applied research throughout the entire field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We provide our partners and customers with a wide range of methodological and applied expertise not only in the much discussed field of deep neural learning but also in many other areas besides.

We focus on basic questions such as algorithmic transparency, the integration of expert knowledge, and AI engineering. At the same time, we also develop solutions for concrete applications. These include environmental sensing, diagnostic and planning tools, and adaptive learning systems as well as processes for localization and motion planning, behavioral analysis, data analysis and reasoning, anomaly detection, decision support and knowledge representation. A further area of specialism is embodied AI. This is what enables us to endow excavators and drones with intelligent autonomy, create solutions for autonomous vehicles, and build assistance systems for the manufacturing and medical sectors.

Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems was established at the beginning of 2019 with a view to amalgamating our wide-ranging expertise in AI and delivering new advances in this field. When it comes to developing AI-based applications in areas such as manufacturing, inspection, energy and security, we work in close cooperation with other business units. 


Autonomous Systems / Robotics


AI for data analysis


AI-based assistance systems

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“Our XAI tools shed light on the black box”

According to Dipl.-Ing. Christian Frey, the XAI tools from Fraunhofer IOSB ensure greater transparency and thus also greater acceptance by people. In addition, sources of error are easier to identify using XAI tools.

IOSB publications

The following issues of our science journal visIT deal with topics of this business area (in German only):

“Broadly engaged in artificial intelligence”

In this interview, head of institute Prof. Jürgen Beyerer explains the background of the hype, the role of AI for Fraunhofer IOSB and the opportunities and limits of the technology.

Fraunhofer AI project map

On the project map you find a selection of our projects in which Fraunhofer IOSB contributes its competence and experience in AI and machine learning.

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