We research, develop and implement intelligent solutions and systems for your machines and devices with UV applications

Department Embedded Intelligent Systems (EIS)

The Embedded Intelligent Systems department has extensive methodological and technological expertise in the fields of applied systems engineering.

In the area of automation of mobile machinery, application-oriented research work on autonomous driving and the automatic control of mobile systems has been carried out for many years. The focus here is on modeling, simulation, hardware-in-the-loop tests in laboratories as well as validation and testing in real environments. New methods for localization, navigation and path planning and control are implemented and continuously improved through the use of AI.

The focus in the field of AI for machines for production and manufacturing is on process optimization through data acquisition from process and quality assurance, model selection and training as well as subsequent embedded implementation and validation.

In the technology field of disinfection of flowing media and surfaces, the initial focus is on data acquisition, modeling and simulation (ray tracing, CFD, fluence, dose). This is followed by technical implementation in functional samples and small series and their validation in the laboratory. A well-equipped UV test laboratory is available for this purpose.


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