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Our research and development work happens within the framework of projects - these include equally R&D contracts with industrial customers, publicly funded (collaborative) research projects, and pre-competitive research projects funded by Fraunhofer. You can browse through many of these projects below - as well as products, i.e. results of our R&D activities that have reached a high level of technological maturity.

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    GUIDELines for data protection in scientific research on aspects of human-technology interaction

    GUIDELines for data protection in scientific research on aspects of human-technology interaction.

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  • NurseEye

    Privacy-respecting video surveillance

    Intelligent video surveillance systems increase patient safety in hospitals and care facilities.

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  • S²UCRE

    Safety in urban enviroments: crowd monitoring, prediction and decision support

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    "S²UCRE" is a project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The aim of this project is to improve security in urban environments through crowd monitoring, prediction and decision support.

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    Safety in unmanned air traffic

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    The image shows several aircrafts, most of which are flying completely inside the corridor (green), one is about to leave the corridor (yellow) and one has already left the corridor (red).

    The detection and classification of hazardous situations in air traffic with UAS is a complex task requiring a high degree of automation in view of the sharp increase.

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  • ASARob - Attention-sensitive assistance robots

    How to teach basic interactive skills to robots

    Assistenzroboter schenkt Frau eine Rose
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    In the project "ASARob" an error-free attention detection and guidance system is to be implemented, which extends the interaction possibilities between humans and robots.

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