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Our research and development work happens within the framework of projects - these include equally R&D contracts with industrial customers, publicly funded (collaborative) research projects, and pre-competitive research projects funded by Fraunhofer. You can browse through many of these projects below - as well as products, i.e. results of our R&D activities that have reached a high level of technological maturity.

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  • DigiVine – Optics and Image Exploitation for Digitalization in Viticulture

    Collaborative project “Digitalization within the value-added chain network viticulture – from planting to grape delivery”

    © Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft

    Digitalization in the value network: The project aims to achieve near-natural and environmentally friendly viticulture while saving resources and costs – in other words, sustainability and increasing labor efficiency.

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  • The global objective of the ML4Heat project is the development of methods and software tools for the optimization of the operation of existing district heating networks under energetic and economic aspects. For this purpose, sensor and operating data of the district heating transfer stations as well as the heat supply shall be collected to a large extent and evaluated by means of machine learning methods.

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    Prediction and Visual Intelligence for Security Information

    The aim of PREVISION is to support law enforcement agencies in the collection and analysis of large, heterogeneous data volumes using modern artificial intelligence methods. The resulting improvement in the prevention and investigation of crimes in the area of organized crime contributes to increasing public safety.

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  • The W-Net 4.0 project aims to develop a modular and scalable platform that combines GIS system, simulation software and data analysis tools and meets high IT security standards. Combined with novel service concepts, value-added networks and training concepts, small and medium-sized water supply companies will be enabled to use these technologies for the first time. For large utilities, novel and easy-to-use data analysis and optimization tools as well as corresponding service concepts will be made available.

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  • OCEAN2020 - Open Cooperation for European maritime awareness

    Realization of the networked martime surveillance and reconnaissance mission of the future

    The networked maritime surveillance and reconnaissance mission of the future is the focus of the European joint research project OCEAN2020. The goal is to generate a comprehensive maritime situation picture based on established as well as new technologies. Fraunhofer IOSB is contributing its expertise in the field of underwater drones and maritime situation analysis.

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  • When operating heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems in existing commercial buildings, it is often found that both the heat and cold supply and the individual room controls are very conservatively parameterised and the rooms are not heated or cooled according to demand. Permanent monitoring and optimisation by specialised personnel is usually not profitable. Consistent and cost-effective solutions for existing buildings are not available in the desired form. The project therefore aims to realise an integrated value chain for efficient monitoring and optimised operational management of properties from the building stock with low-investment measures.

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