Automated testing of aesthetic surfaces and transparent materials

Sensor-based, fast and reliable fault detection for complex shaped components is a challenging task. At Fraunhofer IOSB, we conduct targeted research on solutions for typical problems in this field. A frequent challenge in the automotive and consumer goods industry, for example, is defect detection on painted and thus reflective surfaces. With our quickly evaluable sensor data we achieve a highly precise inspection of the smallest defects.

The inspection of glass and other transparent objects is another focus. Our patented technology "Purity" detects and differentiates between changes in transparency, inclusions and air bubbles in three-dimensional objects of any shape. This ensures the inspection of transparent objects according to DIN ISO 10110-3. Finally, we have excellent equipment with which we can measure and analyze the reflection of a wide variety of surfaces and surface structures - with high spectral and spatial resolution. Our spectral reflectometer and the automated gonioreflectometer/BRDF measuring system are used for this purpose.

Inspection of complex objects


Inspection of specular surfaces

Automatic inspection of painted or reflective surfaces, for example in automotive and consumer goods production: Deflectometry makes it possible.


Inspection of complex products

Various systems are used to inspect the quality of surfaces for cosmetic, material or coating defects, for example.


Analysis of light effects

Measurement of directional reflection from surfaces with high spectral and spatial resolution.