Geo intelligence

In the Geo-Intelligence group, advanced methods and tools for semi-automatic sensor data-based production of geotypical, geospecific and photorealistic simulation data are researched and developed. The group develops multispectral simulations and appropriate vision system simulation modules. The core competence of the Geo-Intelligence group includes the provision of methods and procedures to generate fused source data from 3D data of various characteristics and origins - such as 3D data derived photogrammetrically from image and video data, results of laser scans, or conserved geodata from geographic information systems (GIS) - to support multispectral simulations with high realism and environmental detail. With the help of simulation, in addition to products of 3D reconstruction, land use classification, etc., the issue of automated decision-making is increasingly coming to the fore. A digital representation of real objects, a so-called digital twin, can provide numerical results for both real and imaginary scenarios. From a multitude of configurations, the best ones are selected and made available to a human decision maker.

Project and products


3D reconstruction

Automatic support of situation detection with mini drones


Automatic roof area inspection and geomarketing


Urban heat islands


Position Selection Assistant

Terrain evaluation in support of operation planning and battle management