blackValue – recycling of black plastics on an industrial scale

blackValue is a strategic and business-oriented research project (WISA-programme) of several Fraunhofer Institutes: FHRIAIS and IOSB.

Material detecting sorting systems for the recycling of plastics have to be able to classify material types correctly regardless of the additives used. For the reuse of the returning plastics a high purity of the individual types of plastic is necessary. The sensor systems that are currently on the market have enormous difficulties to fulfil those requirements when sorting black plastics due to the specific absorption characteristics. But precisely this class of plastics will play an increasingly important role in the future as – especially when recycling automobiles – the reutilisation of black plastics is a key factor for the compliance with the limits agreed within the EU. This existing market gap in the recycling circulation is supposed to be closed by using new technologies for the sorting of black plastics and is subject of this economic strategic alliance (WISA).



Press release: Sorting plastic waste: Higher purity at lower costs  (German only)


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