Fraunhofer IOSB logo

Use of the Fraunhofer IOSB logo


Dear partners of Fraunhofer IOSB,

we often receive inquiries about the possibility of using our Fraunhofer IOSB logo for non-commercial advertising purposes. In this regard, we wish to refer you to the Fraunhofer Society’s rules for using the logo.

The Fraunhofer Institute logo IOSB ® is a registered trademark of the Fraunhofer Society. Permission to use the IOSB logo must always be obtained in writing. Use of the logo without our written permission may result in official warning letters or even criminal prosecution. For non-commercial purposes, especially in printed materials and on your website, we permit the use of the logo under the conditions described below. This permission may be revoked at any time without reason. We therefore ask you to comply with the following terms regarding the use of our logo:

  1. Please first send the completed inquiry form with legally binding signature requesting the use of the logo by email to us at
  1. Please provide the following information in the form: intended use, joint project, placement of the logo (website URL, flyer, etc.), Project manager.

    Current note:
    In the present situation (Corona crisis), you can alternatively send us a mail with all relevant information (as requested in the application form), if you do not have the possibility to print, stamp and scan the pdf form.

  2. After receiving written permission from us, you are authorized to use our institute’s logo in the approved way. We can then supply the logo electronically in the formats JPG, TIF and EPS.

Please note that this permission does not authorize you to use the Fraunhofer Society logo or the logo of any other Fraunhofer Institute or Fraunhofer organization. If you are interested in doing so, please contact the headquarters of the Fraunhofer Society or the respective institute directly.


Please note the following additional conditions when using the Fraunhofer IOSB logo:

  • If you use our logo on a website you must create a hyperlink to the following page: You must ensure that our page is reloaded in full (displayed in its own window if you wish) and not displayed in a frame. After you have created the hyperlink, please inform us by email (stating the corresponding URL) within one week at the following address:
  • If you use our logo in printed materials or on CDs, DVDs etc., please send a sample of the respective publication to the address provided above within one week of its production.
  • The layout of our institute logo must comply with the corporate design rules of the Fraunhofer Society. You must use the logo as follows:
    • The logo, Fraunhofer logotype (word mark), name of the institute and figurative mark (green square with the Fraunhofer lines) form a single entity and may only be used as a logo in this combination and in the specified proportions. The logo may be scaled as long as the proportions are not altered.
    • In printed color reproductions, the logo must always be printed in two colors. Black for the word mark and Pantone 334C as a special color for the figurative mark (green square).
    • If the logo is displayed on colored surfaces, it must be printed on a transparent background (not white). In black & white reproductions, the logo must also be printed in black.