Cybersecurity Training Lab

»IT security must be considered and taken into account as an integral part of all phases and development stages in the life cycle of products, systems, infrastructures and services. This also includes people and their training.«

Strategy and position paper of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft on Cybersecurity 2020

The Cybersecurity Training Lab of Fraunhofer Academy is a cooperation between Fraunhofer and selected universities of applied sciences. Specialists and managers from industry and public administration receive a compact qualification in high-quality laboratories with up-to-date IT infrastructure. There, they simulate real threat scenarios, learn to recognise their significance and consequences and study suitable solution concepts in a practical manner in their use and efficiency.

Based on proven cooperation models between Fraunhofer and universities of applied sciences, a model is being implemented for the further training of IT security specialists which involves the universities of applied sciences as partners in cooperative research, in the development of further training concepts and teaching modules and finally in the teaching of the course content.

By setting up the Cyber Security Training Laboratory and networking the continuing education offers of various partner consortia, users and decision-makers are addressed. The modules are tailored to the needs of industry and public administration in terms of sectors, topics and functions.

The quality of the training is ensured by the involvement of Fraunhofer Academy. Fraunhofer Academy is responsible for the consideration of the latest findings from learning and educational research in the development of the courses on offer and for continuous quality management. Furthermore, it coordinates both the development and marketing of offers and the (subsequent) certification of persons.


Cybersecurity Training Lab

In the "Cybersecurity Training Lab" you will find seminars and training courses on IT security and cybersecurity.

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Threats to industrial production systems

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