WaterFrame® - Watercourse information systems

Description of the product

Against the background of the requirements for the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD) or the Drinking Water Directive (TWRL), but also due to the efficiency and quality potential of new IT technologies, the environment ministries of the German states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Thuringia are working closely together to develop water information systems. Our components and tools of the WaterFrame® product line form the basis for this.

Within the framework of the inter-state cooperation, the following versions of (water body) information systems and cooperating recording and evaluation programmes based on the WaterFrame® technology are available:

  • Specialist application groundwater (GWDB) within the framework of the WIBAS information system of the state of Baden-Württemberg
    FIS GeQua: Specialist Information System (FIS) Water Quality in the Environmental Information System of Baden-Württemberg
  • FIS Waters of the Free State of Thuringia with the modules groundwater, surface water, water supply and areas
    The specialist application LIMNO within the framework of the Information System Water Management (INFO-Was) of the Free State of Bavaria
  • Perla, the transnational registration programme for the registration of limnic organisms
  • The specialist application GESTRUK for river structure mapping, including an "external editor" for data collection of the state of Baden-Württemberg
  • The KTB cooling water diary specialist application of the state of Baden-Württemberg
  • The data collection programme "external editor" for the specialist application Groundwater (GWDB), a module of the Information System Water, Immission Control, Soil, Waste, Occupational Safety and Health (WIBAS) of the State of Baden-Württemberg
  • TrIS - the Drinking Water Information System for the State Office for Geoinformation and Rural Development Baden-Württemberg

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