Defence and Civil Security



SIMULU - Safety in unmanned air traffic

The detection and classification of hazardous situations in air traffic with UAS is a complex task requiring a high degree of automation in view of the sharp increase.



ArGUS - Defense against threats from unmanned aerial systems

ArGUS detects unmanned flight systems and generates deployment proposals for legally secured countermeasures.



MARISA - Maritime Integrated Surveillance Awareness

A data fusion toolkit will support the security communities operating at sea by improving the information exchange and processing.



Digital Map Table in Virtual Reality

The mobile version of the Digital Map Table offers many advantages.




This interactive tool supports the image evaluator in the recognition of objects by enabling him to describe the object to be evaluated on the basis of the object features recognized in the image, thus leading him to a recognition decision.



Digital Map Table

The Digital Map Table - a new approach in the shared situation visualization and analysis.




The main goal of the project OCEAN2020 is to support maritime surveillance and interdiction missions at sea.