4Crypt Video - Secure documentation of critical work steps

Adhering to data protection and securely documenting critical work steps - 4Crypt Video and the flexible authentication procedure make it possible.



IRPose – Infrared Marker-based Pose Recognition

IRPose provides marker-based localization and pose estimation of objects or tools in real-time.



RoboShield - Research for safe and secure production facilities

RoboShield deals with automation technologies in human-robot collaboration. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to verify safety. New development processes for modules, systems and applications are being researched that ensure the safety of the resulting production facility ("Safety by Design"). A method kit with different verification techniques will enable the verification of third-party automation components.



Industrial Data Space - the intelligent data infrastructure for business

Secure exchange and simple linkage of data in business ecosystems.




Modern harvesting machines are complex systems that can be configured in many different ways. For example, countless individual parameters can be set by adjusting the sieves, threshing drum speed, vehicle speed, fan power and much more. The BMBF project AGATA is investigating how an optimal configuration can be found here to make the machines as efficient as possible for each field.



CoBot - Collaborative Robot

With the CoBot - Collaborative Robot - Fraunhofer IOSB in cooperation with PWC strategy& demonstrates an innovative AI-based assembly assistance system in which robots and humans work together collaboratively in manual assembly.




QSelect is an innovative system for annotation on components.



Gesture-based error marking for quality assurance

Fast and intuitive quality assurance on bumpers thanks to innovative error marking by pointing gestures.



Person tracking in the Elbedome

Multi-camera person tracking in the Elbedome in Magdeburg, a mixed reality lab for displaying interactive visualisations.