Competence center for AI Systems Engineering CC-KING

Brief description of the project

The Competence Center Karlsruhe for AI Systems Engineering CC-KING offers companies practical support in the use of methods of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). It researches the basics and develops tools for a low-threshold implementation of AI and ML in business practice. The competence center works in close contact with companies on fundamental questions, practical methodologies, and concrete application problems with a focus on the contexts of industrial production and mobility. Existing research initiatives such as the Karlsruhe Research Factory and the Test Field Autonomous Driving Baden-Württemberg serve as real laboratories for the focal points.

Project goals

CC-KING creates the link between top AI research and established engineering disciplines. The aim is to make AI and ML methods usable according to the typical requirements and procedures of engineers, also in safety-critical applications. To achieve this, it must be possible - similar to classical engineering - to make predictions and guarantees via intelligent systems, which may only develop their final functionality in a data-driven manner during their runtime. Therefore, CC-KING is developing a reliable methodology for describing AI and ML components and systems. AI Systems Engineering as a discipline complementary to the basic research of AI methods makes the use of AI systematically accessible and available to engineering.

Transfer into practice

In addition to workshops and conferences on AI Systems Engineering, the transfer of the results from CC-KING to the companies takes place via QuickChecks and TransferChecks. QuickChecks are individual consulting services for end users, which test and validate the use of AI and ML methods on a project-specific basis. Reusable tools are developed for frequently occurring applications (TransferChecks). In addition, an AI Systems Engineering learning laboratory is being established to train employees from companies. Interested parties can easily register with their concrete question or application case via an online form.

Project partners

  • Fraunhofer IOSB (Lead)
  • FZI Research Center for Information Technology
  • Karlsruhe Istitute of Technology (KIT)

ML4P - Machine Learning for Production

The Fraunhofer lighthouse project ML4P addresses similar issues and has already published a process model for the application domain of industrial production.


Project details

Competence Center KI-Engineering (CC-KING) - AI Systems Engineering the Karlsruhe way

Project duration (phase 1): 2020-2022

The project is funded by the Ministry of Economics, Labour and Housing of the State of Baden-Württemberg