FA³ST: Tools for Digital Twins based on Industrie 4.0 standards (Asset Administration Shell)

Description of the product

Digital twins are increasingly being used in industry throughout the entire value chain. However, the further dissemination and use of digital twins requires a universal comprehensibility and integrability of their data and services across system and company boundaries. The answer of the Industrie 4.0 platform to this, is the specification of the Asset Administration Shell (AAS).

FA³ST Tools in the life cycle of an AAS

The FA³ST service fully implements this specification and can already be used (see Github link). It thus paves an innovative way to create and use interoperable digital twins based on administration shells.

In this context, the FA³ST service represents the central component of the Fraunhofer Advanced Asset Administration Shell Tools for Digital Twins. FA³ST is a collection of tools for the individual phases in the entire lifecycle of a digital twin, which is currently under construction.

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FA³ST Tools

  • Service: Provision and use of an AAS with standardized interfaces (OPC UA, MQTT, HTTPS)
  • Configurator: Configuration of an executable AAS
  • OPC UA Crawler: Automated generation of models based on an OPC UA Server
  • Model Generator: Generation of an AAS based on existing sources e.g. CSV
  • Registry: Registration and retrieval of Asset Administration Shells
  • Secure data exchange: Integration of AAS into IDS for data sovereign communication
  • Visualization: Monitoring and interpretation of data and models
  • Manager: Management of the execution of an AAS
  • Client: Implemented library to interact with an AAS

Scope and fields of application

  • Creation and management of digital twins for production plants, production processes and products
  • Greenfield as well as brownfield approach for the digitization of legacy plants
  • Quality data acquisition and evaluation for products
  • Traceability for documentation of production processes
  • Plant monitoring and evaluation
  • Data-sovereign communication between manufacturers and customers in the value chain

FA³ST service on GitHub

The FA³ST service implements the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) specification from the platform Industrie 4.0 and builds an easy-to-use web service based on a custom AAS model instance. Visit the website to learn how to set up a local copy by following a step-by-step instruction.


Need more information? Download our product data sheet on FA³ST or watch the explanation video!

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