Humans have 600 to 700 lymph nodes - tiny, ovoid organs of the immune system that play an essential role in protecting the human body against viruses and bacteria. Their function is very specific - only lymph nodes can initiate a human immune response. To date, due to varous biotechnological hurdles there is no artificial immune system that can reproduce a human immune response in vitro - outside the normal biological context.

Project goals

The goal of the newly launched collaborative project "MyCellFight" is the development of a fully automated immune chip that will predict the specific immune response of up to 100 individuals - from children to the elderly.

MyCellFight aims to precisely map and analyze simple, key biological events. Drugs and other substances are tested in the immune chip for desired (pharmacological activity) and undesired (toxicity and safety) effects on the human immune system. The strategic orientation of MyCellFight paves the way to the next generation of efficacy and safety research, combined with functional genomics and animal-free biomedical research.

Participating departments of Fraunhofer IOSB