SiUSpace: Safe drone operation in U-Space

Current situation

Currently, only some information from cooperative drones and from air traffic control in the field of manned aviation is collected and used in regular drone operations. Dangers, on the other hand, often come from outside - e.g. from weather events, from incidents on the ground such as large fires or crowds of people, as well as from drones and other flying objects that are uncooperative or defective. In order to counter such dangers efficiently, they must be recognized and assessed in good time so that appropriate measures can be prepared and initiated if necessary.


Objectives of SiUSpace

The tasks that SiUSpace is dedicated to are complex and multifaceted. One key research question is: How can potential hazards be identified in relevant scenarios and how can appropriate action strategies be developed before and during drone operation? The development of data sources that can contribute to the early and reliable detection of relevant hazards is also a challenge. In order to further increase the acceptance and efficiency of drone technologies and their safety, it is also necessary to prepare and implement suitable communication measures adapted to the stakeholder groups.



In order to increase the safety of drone operations and the affected environment in U-Space, SiUSpace uses data from various sources outside U-Space: from bird and drone detection systems, weather services, authorities and organizations with security tasks as well as from the smart city context. In addition, possibilities are being researched to collect and use data on the technical condition of drones (with the help of monitoring and self-diagnosis) in order to further increase the safety of drone operations.

With the help of AI methods, potential dangers are identified and evaluated on the basis of a scenario-based evaluation and suggestions for action are automatically generated and distributed to the relevant stakeholders.

The aim of the project is to implement a laboratory system for the prototypical demonstration of these functionalities. In addition, the project partners are developing communication and training concepts to ensure the safe use of drones and to successfully counter hazards.


Project partners

  • Accellence Technologies GmbH               
  • European Aviation Security Center e.V. (EASC)                      
  • esc Aerospace GmbH    
  • Technische Hochschule Deggendorf (THD)           
  • VfS Forum für Sicherheit GmbH 


Associated partners

  • aeroDCS GmbH    
  • Stadt Mannheim    
  • Northern Business School     
  • uVigilant GmbH

More about drones

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Project details

SiUSpace: Safe drone operation in U-Space

Project duration: 09/2023 - 08/2026

Funding volume: EUR 2,878,395.01 (of which 76,51% funded by BMDV)

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