Augmented Decision Making

With increasing Digitalization and rising data complexity, there is a growing need, especially in the domains of production, medicine and civil security, for clear information bases as well as directional tools for decision support. Decision problems are characterized by the following criteria from the perspective of the decision-makers: There are different possible courses of action, there is uncertainty about which course of action to choose, and the decision made has an impact on the environment.

To solve this problem, we are addressing the research topic of decision support in the Interactive Analysis and Diagnosis (IAD) department. Our current research results are incorporated into intelligent assistance systems that can be used to make reproducible and comprehensible decisions. We provide decision assistance systems in the following areas:

  • Decision support in production and civil security
  • clinical decision support
  • Intelligent and interactive assistance systems
  • Prediction and process analytics
  • (AI-based) workflow analytics

Our services at a glance


Decision support systems

Information is being visualised and edited for easier processing.


Gaining knowledge from large data sets

Patterns in large data sets are recognized, which allows inferences to be drawn.


Intelligent workflow-analysis

Workflows are analyzed and enhanced in realtime.


Recognition of situations and detection of anomalies

Unusual situations are recognized and analysed.