All-in-one Perception and Navigation Kit

Short description of the project

Offering advanced autonomy capabilities, NaviBox is ideal for those who want to retrofit their vehicles or robots with autonomy features. 

It is a kit that includes sensor hardware, computing hardware and a comprehensive autonomy software stack. 

With NaviBox, your vehicle or robot can perceive and interpret its environment, localize itself within that environment, and plan its own path and actions accordingly. It provides a reliable and effective way to develop and test autonomy algorithms without the need for extensive hardware and software development.

The sensor hardware included in NaviBox consists of - but is not limited to - a variety of sensors such as camera, LiDAR, IMU, and GNSS that enable the vehicle or robot to navigate in its environment. The computing hardware is designed to be powerful enough to handle the data processing and computation required for autonomy, and the autonomy software stack included in NaviBox features a set of algorithms for perception, localization, planning, and control, providing a strong foundation for developing advanced autonomy capabilities.

Its modular design makes it customizable, allowing users to develop and integrate their own autonomy algorithms.

Overall, NaviBox provides a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to add autonomy capabilities to their existing vehicles or robots. Its easy-to-use and customizable design makes it an ideal choice for system integrators, researchers, and developers alike.



Department MRD of Fraunhofer IOSB

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