The work of Fraunhofer IOSB deals with a variety of different robot systems. The spectrum ranges from humanoid robots, for which novel structure-variable controls have been developed, to mobile robots, which are equipped with autonomous capabilities.

Mainly methods of sensor fusion are used, which allow the construction of heterogeneous multi-sensor systems. Further algorithms are based on this, which allow the mobile robots to autonomously explore an unknown environment. These algorithms implement robust methods for simultaneous localization, mapping (SLAM) and path planning.


Navigation Kit

All-in-one Perception and Navigation Kit


Autonomous excavator can recover hazardous materials

Thanks to a toolbox of algorithms for localization, mapping, obstacle detection and motion planning, robots can move independently in unknown, unstructured terrain.


Algorithm Toolbox for Autonomous Mobile Robots

The »Algorithm Toolbox for Autonomous Mobile Robots« by Fraunhofer IOSB allows to equip a large number of different mobile platforms with autonomous capabilities relevant for their intended purpose with minimal adaptation effort.



The goal of the AUZUKA project is therefore to create work equipment for sewer network operators to record sewer damage as automatically as possible.



Application modules for the automated management of special agricultural crops


Deep Sea Robotics

Autonomous underwater vehicle


Robots for security applications

Semi-Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle System Demonstrator


Safe human-robot interaction

Safe and Autonomous Physical Human-Aware Robot Interaction



Mobile robot sensor network for disaster management